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OCISA's Hosted Cart™ solution provides you with an online payment solution that has its own dedicated shopping cart. Using this service, you do not need to worry about keeping track of your customers’ shopping cart. OCISA's Hosted Cart™ solution takes care of that for you. Another benefit of this service is that your hosted payment page can be completely styled to fit your brand, colors and logos, while OCISA's shopping cart works for you behind the scenes.

The way this service works is that your customers view your products on your own website. They can choose as many items as they wish and add them to their shopping cart. Every time they add an item to their basket, it is added to the shopping cart provided by OCISA. Once they proceed to checkout, they are redirected to OCISA's website to review the items in their cart and complete the payment process.

Once the payment processing is complete, OCISA's Hosted Cart™ solution will generate a receipt and send a copy of it by email to you and your customers. In addition, your customer's contact information will also be sent to you for any further use on your side.

We offer this convenient and very secure payment solution to you for a price much less than any other online payment processor.