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Enjoy having total peace of mind as you choose OCISA's Hosted Store to act as your online seller. If you don't have an online store on your website or do not want to deal with the security issues of accepting online payment, you can rely on OCISA's Hosted Store to post the products you are selling for you on its online store.

With OCISA's Hosted Store service, you can put as many items as you want to sell on OCISA's online store. OCISA's Hosted Store service can boost your sales as it displays your items in categories to which they belong so the customers can easily and quickly find them and buy them. You can choose as many categories as you think are related to each item you post on OCISA's online store.

What's even better is that your items will be seen by a much larger audience, as all OCISA's online store users will have access to your products. Therefore, you'll have a much higher chance of selling your products on our online store than on your own website.

We offer all these amazing features in this package for a price much less than any other online processor, or any other online store.