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Using OCISA's Hosted Payment service, your customers browse through your products on your own web site. Your customers can add as many items as they wish to the shopping cart that is also managed on your own website. When they are ready to proceed to checkout, your customers are seamlessly connected to OCISA's secure online Hosted Payment transaction system to complete their order.

When your customer proceeds to checkout, the total price compiled by your website's shopping cart as well as the shipping cost are transmitted to OCISA's servers. At this point your customers are redirected to OSCISA's Hosted Payment Gateway where they can securely complete their transaction. Immediately after the process is successfully completed, the gateway responds directly to your website with transaction details, and your customer is redirected back to any page you specify on your own website. And finally, your fund is automatically deposited to your bank account within 24 hours.

OCISA's Hosted Payment service is all about maximizing your participation and presence during your customer's shopping experience. In doing so, you are even in charge of obtaining your customer's shipping details and determining how much it costs. This is the last step before you redirect your customer to OCISA's Hosted Payment Gateway, after which your website sends the shopping cart price and the shipping cost to our servers. OCISA's hosted Payment Gateway only acts as a virtual point of sale terminal by processing the transaction.

The advantages of OCISA's Hosted Payment are the following:

  • You keep your customers on your website - Deliver a consistent shopping experience without customers exiting to other sites.
  • Recurring Billing - You can focus on your business and its growth while OCISA's Hosted Payment automatically takes care of recurring payments
  • Extra security - You and your customers can have peace of mind knowing that your financial information is completely safe and secure.